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Trumpet Rental Program


Our trumpets are completely reconditioned and in excellent condition.  All are school approved and they are 100% guaranteed.


Rent to Own Trumpet Program $18 a month

When you rent a trumpet you are agreeing to $18 a month payments for 36 months. ($648 plus tax) You can return the trumpet at any time after 3 months and terminate the contract.

Maintenance Agreement  $5  month


You can add maintenance coverage to your trumpet rental that will cover any repair and cleaning that your trumpet might need.  Does not cover total loss (fire, theft, etc) but does cover everything else.


Rent to Own "Cosmetically Challenged" Trumpets

Sorry we are out of CC Trumpets

$12 a month

for 36 months ($432 plus tax)


If you can accept a cosmetic blemish or two these trumpets are a great value.  Same brand names and prep as all our trumpets. They have nice cases and mouthpieces.

Don't forget to order your School District's required method book.  Please choose on the these listed below.


Sound Innovations Method Book (Olathe) $11.99



Essential Elements  Book 1 for Trumpet (Gardner, Desoto)  $10.99


Rubank Elementary Book 1 for Trumpet (Gardner)  $5.99



Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for Trumpet (SMSD) $10.95



Standard of Excellence Book 1 for Trumpet (Turner)  $12.99


Yamaha Advantage Primer Book 1 for Trumpet (Blue Valley)  $7.95



You may also be interested in adding some of the accessories listed below.



Trumpet Care Kit (includes polishing cloth, slide grease, m.piece brush, snake and pencil)  $14.50



Folding Music Stand w/carrying case  $15.



We will deliver your trumpet with any books and accessories you ordered to your school in 1 or 2 days.  We will mail you your contract.

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